Blog 1 The NewsGame


Let me get straight to the point: we believe that gaming is a great way to create an international news channel featuring stories that people want to see and journalists want to tell.
Because we believe in it, we are going to do it.

We are going to build something we call the NewsGame. It will be fun, because that’s the only reason why people play games. And it will be the engine behind an entirely new international news channel.

Players will become part of our community of more than 450 video journalists and editorial cartoonists from more than 100 countries. Just by playing, NewsGamers will send them on assignments. They will shoot and edit videos, draw cartoons, comics and interactive cartoons and they will combine skills and come up with animated videos and interactive cartoons. Everything they create will air on the NewsGame Youtube Channel.

Our drive comes from the notion that in a globalized world news has become increasingly local. Six years ago we started a “Journalism Movement” to counter that development. We have reached millions of people, but we need to do more.

Take a look at vjmovement and cartoonmovement  to find out more about us and our journalists.
Through this blog we will gradually give you more and more information about the NewsGame.
Of course we hope to convince you to join us in our belief and support us.

Send us your questions, and your remarks, we look forward to being in touch.

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